Horsehair Creations by Karen

Horsehair jewelry, pet keepsakes, ashes and all things precious

Box 1996 100 Mile House, BC V0K2E0

"Only the greatest horses leave this world with half a tail"

  While this adage is true, many great horses are still here with us!  Whether you have saved a beloved horse's tail, or would like a design from a current horse, there are many beautiful options.  Any pet can be remembered in a gorgeous design. Anything you would like to hold close to you can be made into a design, a lock of a baby's hair, a tooth, cremains, pet hair.  If it's special to you, I will make it beautifully special to hold and remember.  

 Collecting and mailing horse tail hair is very easy.  Put an elastic around the hair (please don't braid it, this wastes hair when I undo it) put in a ziploc bag & pop it in an envelope. No need to wash it, I have made a mild shampoo that preserves the shine. 

Most items will be completed in 2 weeks or less from when your hair is received.  Sterling Silver rings require 3 to 4 weeks.

Any unused hair, or ashes will be returned with your order unless you specific otherwise. You can mail hair, ashes, etc by to: Horsehair Creations, Box 1996, 100 Mile House, B.C. V0K2E0   I will let you know as soon as it arrives.

As many horses as you like can be combined for your item.  I have combined up to 11 different horses' tail hair for a design!

Of course if you have saved mane hair from a beloved lost horse, I will work with what you have. While mane hair is beautiful for tassel items and pendants, unfortunately I cannot make anything braided with it as it frays incredibly due the huge taper, the ends will work their way out of a braid eventually. I can however, braid mane to insert into sterling silver rings and pendants, as these items will hold the braid in place. If this is what you have saved, I can make something beautiful to have a part of your horse with you as well as any pet hair.  Please message me anytime with any questions, special requests, different size variations, custom orders

I was gifted this beautiful keepsake made by Karen for my birthday of my last & favorite show horse. It truly means more than I can express and the craftsmanship is gorgeous. 

Kelsey Hayes

Karen was great to work with.  Very helpful and prompt with messaging. I love she made and they are ADORED by their recipient.   The entire process was 'painless' and I would highly recommend her for anyone looking for these types of items!

Keitha Jackson

Very happy with my order, love that Karen took the time to learn about my heart horse before making the pieces that I will treasure 

Tammy Lynn
Karen was great to work with. Very helpful and prompt with messaging. I loved the pieces she made and I would recommend her to anyone looking for horsehair jewelry!
Kim Reamam


100 Mile House, B.C.

Canada 🇨🇦

About Us


I am always so honored to create something from a horse's precious hair.  Horse hair, pet fur, ashes is a very personal thing with memories, stories, and many feelings connected.  I am always striving to collaborate with silversmiths, jewelry metal designers and others in the industry to create exclusive findings to pair with horse hair as well as other affordable, but quality items.  If my group of barn girls approve and passes their durability tests, a new design is introduced.  Every piece created is special not because it is adorned with diamonds, gold or silver, it's special because it came from your beloved animal.   I try to make many designs affordable so everyone can have something special, stylish and quality, custom made.